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About Jordy Marin and his Method

About twelve years ago, sixteen students from the Music Conservatory of the Universidad del Cauca, in Colombia were selected to be turored by Mr. Orlando Rengifo, a charismatic music maestro graduated from the Scuola Magistralle in Italy. He gave all his acquired knowledge to these 16 privileged students, and left to them a simple mission, spread the word.

Today these select few represent a very elite coterie. Not only do they carry on his mission of teaching music, but they have taken their knowledge, experimented and evolved it to create new teaching methods. Jordy Marin is one of these 16, he has chosen to apply his knowledge and expertise into developing a method specially targeted at teaching Commercial Music.

Since you are visiting this website now, congratulations! you have taken your first step to start pursuing your musical dream seriously.

Become The Star You Want to Be

Guitar Lessons

We offer Guitar Lessons for Intermediate and Beginners. Come and learn to play the music YOU want to play with our patented Easy, Fun & Fast method, which allows you to become the Guitar player you dream of being in no time.

Vocal Sessions

Vocal Technique is the foundation of a professional performer, no matter what your musical style is. Let us teach you how to develop your voice and your passion. With proper coaching you too, can discover and deliver your best and true voice, every time you perform.

Stage Training

Stage training teaches you the 'tricks of the trade' on how to plan and enhance your performance by learning the proper ways to use the stage a well as tips and tricks on space management, sound production and other Stage Confidence boosting techniques.

JORDY MARIN - Vocal Coaching Studio,

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mike harari

Jordy, you've taken my voice to levels i've never dreamed of. Thanks for making me the singer i've always wanted to be, and in no time at all! I'm looking forward to a long and productive relationship with you!

MIKE HAHARI - Performing Artist


marie lockI am very happy to share my thoughts about Jordy as a Music Coach. I have had a few coaches in the past in different areas and I can say Jordy is right up there. If you are looking for someone who is well versed in different training skills and who is constantly learning and perfecting his skills, then you have come to the right place. you will not be disappointed no matter what style of music you need coaching on.

MARIE LOCK - Actress

carlos lealWhile following your coaching I have made sure to further focus on the meaning of the song, it has made it much easier to know how to better prepare to sing each phrase, because the dynamics will be adjusted to the mood / message, and it sounds more engaging, interesting, and far from boring, thanks coach!

CARLOS LEAL - Vocals & Keboard - The Somethings


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