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Jordy’s vocal coaching sessions have opened a whole new world for me as a professional drummer, especially since I’m sitting while playing drums, using Jordy’s warm up exercises and learning proper breathing and singing techniques has helped immensely. It’s amazing what adding confidence to your singing will do for your musical career. Thanks Jordy!

ANGEL VALIN - Drums and Vocals, Wicked Revolver




Jordy Marin's vocal lessons were the key that unlocked my voice. Jordy gave me the confidence and proper training to go for notes that I had never dreamed of hitting before. If you want fast results with fun and dynamic lessons, Jordy Marin is the coach you've been looking for!

WES PEARCE - Singer, Model & PR Rep



gianmarcoThanks to Jordy, I have been experiencing quantic steps on my singing. The guy can sing and his exercises have been my primary tool to improve my original songs which by the way we work them on class.
Since I started working with Jordy Marin I feel way more confident and I have also expanded my range, not kidding...something that I thought was not possible. Learning how to sing properly is a slow process but with Jordy I believe I'm in good hands. I would recommend him to anyone.

GABRIEL SALAZAR- Guitar & Vocals - Versus The Machine



Jordy Marin is the best vocal coach in the world! While learning from Jordy you will notice yourself improving greatly with each session. His teaching techniques and tips are something you will not learn from anyone else. Very happy with my decision to work with him!!! Thank you Jordy!




gianmarco I highly recommend taking Vocal Coaching Sessions with Jordy, as he is a humble, kind person whose love for music will inevitably spur your own passion for it as he assists you in becoming a more prodigious singer. 
Jordy is very knowledgeable in his field and has an incredible ability to explain Vocal Technique in a manner that is easy to understand and sticks so that you remember his explanation when you most need it. 
Jordy is also extremely supportive and understanding, his confidence in his students is extremely encouraging, and makes you want to do better than you ever expected to do. Overall, Jordy is an extremely fun person to work with and you truly learn.

GIAN MARCO SOLDO - Vocals - The Somethings




Jordy, I love your lessons!!! I have totally seen a big improvement in my voice and guitar playing (my parents even say so 2)!!!! thanks Jordy and your a great coach




mike harari

Jordy, you've taken my voice to levels i've never dreamed of. Thanks for making me the singer i've always wanted to be, and in no time at all! I'm looking forward to a long and productive relationship with you!

MIKE HAHARI - Performing Artist



marie lockI am very happy to share my thoughts about Jordy as a Music Coach. I have had a few coaches in the past in different areas and I can say Jordy is right up there. If you are looking for someone who is well versed in different training skills and who is constantly learning and perfecting his skills, then you have come to the right place. you will not be disappointed no matter what style of music you need coaching on.

MARIE LOCK - Actress





Jordy is a dedicated coach that pushes your boundaries, installing self confidence in your abilities. It was a pleasure to work with Jordy.

Daniel Gomez - Vocals and Guitar - Twinboys




I was having difficulty reaching some of the higher registers in one of the songs that I am rehearsing for upcoming performance of Edith Piaf, Jordy helped me with vocal exercises and technique which gave me a better perspective in my performance. He is an expert coach and I highly recommend his services.

Sylvia Pilar - Broadway Actress



carlos leal


Jordy is awesome, he really knows his stuff and teaches it with a great vibe!
Top notch Vocal and performance coach, great respect sensei, hehehe!

STEVEN MENARD - Drums & Harmonies - Attention Radio



carlos leal


Jordy you are the best i never knew anything and you have though me soooooo much and my voice has gotten better too thanks you're a fantastic coach.



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carlos leal

While following your coaching I have made sure to further focus on the meaning of the song, it has made it much easier to know how to better prepare to sing each phrase, because the dynamics will be adjusted to the mood / message, and it sounds more engaging, interesting, and far from boring, thanks coach!

CARLOS LEAL - Vocals & Keboard - The Somethings


Read more reviews about my instruction in Yelp! CLICK HERE